Wednesday, December 09, 2009

not today either

i had to go have a non-stress test today. i won't walk you through all the details but there seemed to have been less movement. anyway, apparently all was well - unfortunately not a single contraction in sight. big surprise - the first kid i thought would be late was two weeks early. this one? well, i didn't think i would go really early but everyone else was surprised to see me even make it out of november and here we are - if the kid came today it'd only be about a week early. i thought the second one was supposed to come earlier dammit!!


Kimber said...

I had those tests every week for the last month - they like to do them just cause your old. Chances are you're not feeling the baby move as much because there's no more room to move. That happened to me with both girls and I know it can be a bit disconcerting. good luck!

cassdawn said...

yeah, i said that about the baby moving -the nurse said that wasn't true - that's why she made me come in.