Saturday, January 02, 2010

Little Baby Fat Face

that's what i'm going with - forget phineas or marcus - it's little baby fat face to me.

anyway, little baby fat face gave me stretch marks. very annoying. his brother only left one on my upper thigh and it faded after a few weeks. these didn't show up until about two weeks before i was due and i am hoping they will fade a bit but ultimately there is no way they are going to go away completely. but the pont of this isn't just me bitching about the gross unfairness of it all. i was laying down on the floor trying to stretch my hip out (i'm on a mission to rid myself of this ridiculous ongoing body pain) and my shirt was up a little. malachai says to me 'you have a boo boo; who gave you that boo boo" carl tells him "the baby gave mommy those boo boos" malachai "because he doesn't like you" hysterical.

i had the boys pictures taken today. it was very stressful and of course i know that me finding it very stressful just adds to the stress of it all. i think i was much more mellow with malachai. im hoping it will all balance out in the next couple of weeks. i seem to be . . . idk, hormonal or something. in part i think i am still recovering from my week with the inlaws. don' get me wrong. i like them, honestly i do but ~ there are things . . . and even if there weren't - i can't think of anyone really that i would like to have at my house for over a week when i come home with my second child. and yes, they stayed at a hotel but they were here from 8 in the morning until 9 or 10 at night. i could go on an don but i will leave it at - i was pretty stressed. by the end of the visit i could have just cried; i think i did a couple of times. and of course their presence robbed me of help that i actually could have used. my mother had time that she could have taken that week to help me out. and now she has some sort of inspection thingie at work and she won't be able to take any more time until after february. hmmm, well, that was fun - i just bitched myself into a frenzy; i'm now upset all over again. really annoyed actually. grrrrr - water bridges / spilled milk

alright there's more but i'm in a frightful state now and little baby fat face is calling.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

i'm gonna try this again

obviously most of my failure here was for good reason but it was failure nonetheless so let's start over. one decision i have made is that if i don't have anything to actually tell you - i will be picking a topic. but not serial killers because the post with that title has elicited a few dozen chinese language responses and what with the not being able to understand kenji . .. although it does look really pretty

as for today i suppose i do have something to say. i mean there is the holiday season, this is the year i turn forty . . . oh and i had a baby ;) phineas marcus - we couldn't quite decide between the two names; we actually intend to use both of them. we'll see. he's great; he looks like a turtle. a giant 10 pound turtle. i have never seen a baby eat as much as he does. truly, it's frightening. i went on line and i was reading other people's posts about how their five to seven week old babies are eating 2-3 ounces at a sitting or 15 minutes on a breast. if i feed the boy pumped breast milk he will eat between 3 and 6 ounces at a sitting and if he is on the breast he will stay there for 20 - 30 minutes until he falls off and then half the time that will only be for a few minutes and then he will want to eat again. he's TWO WEEKS OLD!! in fact, between one week old and two weeks old he gained a pound. he gained a pound in a week. that's just not normal. but more about little baby fat face tomorrow