Monday, December 14, 2009

i can not believe

that i haven't had this kid yet. my cousin - the one who didn't know she was pregnant for 7 months and was due the same day as me and has a serious girlfriend .. . yeah, she had her baby - three days ago. so basically she was pregnant (insofar as she knew) for about 7 weeks - WTF. i'm actually not feeling as bitter about it as i'm jmaking it sound.

i have managed to get almost all my proverbial ducks in a row, a loosely assembled row it's true, but hell - they're ducks what are ya gonna do.

OH --- my boy can do word problem subtraction. he and my mother went through the dunkin donuts drive thru. he heard my mother order three munchkins. as they drove he asked for one and then the other. finally he asked for another and my mother told him that there weren't any more. he says - yes there is - one more left. my mother said how do you know - he says you got three and i ate two. screw chinsabop man - all we need is munchkins.

we decorated the xmas tree today. friggin xmas. i'm just saying - anyway, his teacher at school has basically been bullying us into providing a family picture - so here it is - i look like a giant green whale


Kimber said...

there now see what you did? gone and had yourself a baby today, didn't you. Well I hope it's today, cause otherwise it took too long. I'm just sayin is all. Liza.

cassdawn said...

Nothing yet

Kimber said...

Yep. Took too long. COngratulations! You did it!! Maximilian is it?