Sunday, November 04, 2007

They say that if you meet the Buddha
on the path - you should kill him

But before you do . . .

Ask him if he's got change for a dollar
No, no, understand I mean _change_
Ask him if there's change for
people minds
Ask him if war is necessary for
population control

Better yet ask him about him
And about HIM
Ask him what's important
Ask about heartbreak
If it's all free will or fate
About Chi and the Tao

On second thought
Give him my number
I'll kill him when I'm done


It was too close to me
for me to see
Everyone else sitting around
watching and knowing
You were looking
direct through me
like I wasn't your girl

I said, baby,
Don't you understand?
Sometimes I don't want a man

And there she was -right there
crooked smile, tangled hair
something I wanted to be and to have
Couldn't you hear me

I said, baby,
Don't you understand?
Sometimes I don't want a man

I was tipping the velvet 2 - 3 times a night
saving the days to go straight
Then found you hanging 'round
where we knew each other best
Looking back at her

I said, baby,
Don't you understand?
Sometimes I have to have a man.

He taught me not to take it personal
He taught me to take it with a grain of salt
To take it without asking
To take it how I could get it
To take it on the run
I taught him to take it like a man.
I seem to be doing better now
Looking way respon
I'm growing up
I'm motivated
Getting shit done
Broadening my horizons
Branching out
Living the high life
Lovin' every minute of it
Shouldering the burden
Getting there on time
Getting there
Making it
Exploring myself
Pushing my limits
Extedning my barriers
Knocking em down
Knocking em dead
Forging ahead
Beating a new path
Marching to the beat of my own drummer
Contemplating - less and less
Yep I'm really on the ball
And have a pair
Still feel like shit
Pushing that voice aside
Say over and over
Make it through today
One day at a time
Whatever gets you through the night
whatever gets you off
whatever bursts your bra strap

Monday, October 08, 2007

where o where is my last little post and where o where will this go